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 diving into Tom's bed

Bad Karma - Chapter One - Sex Idols

In which Jac is caught staring.

A/N: We finally get some Tom in this one! Left-Right: Alex (Marloes Horst), Jac (Elsa Hosk) and Steffi (Behati Prinsloo)

When I hit the water, and resurfaced to hear clapping I felt relief wash over me. I swam over to the side of the well and climbed up the stairs. I looked up assuming to see my brother only to be met with the smirking face of my two best friends Alex and Steffi. They were crouching down by the steps giggling and murmuring to each other.

 "Don’t look now but…" Steffi started. 

"But Tom Daley has been staring at you since you messed up your Forward 3 1/2 Somersault." Alex finished, unable to hold in her excitement. 

I felt my cheeks grow warm as I go
t up from the pool. I quickly whipped my head around looking for the said diver until my two friends quickly pulled me away from the pool and towards the showers.

"Would you two calm down?! That was an embarrassing dive and the fact that someone other than my brother saw it is embarrassing enough." I said as I pulled on my hair tie.

"It wasn’t a bad stare!" Alex exclaimed. 

"Yeah, it was more like a brooding, lustful ‘damn girl let me tap dat’ stare!" Steffi insisted. 

I gave her a judgmental look, “‘Damn girl let me tap dat’?” I repeated. “You’re both crazy. And who cares about Tom Daley anyway?” I shrugged nonchalantly, still enjoying the water. 

Who cares about Tom Daley? Jac, have you been living under a rock?! Tom Daley is basically a British sex idol. It’s almost impossible not to have a wet dream about that man.” Alex whispered, afraid someone would hear her.

Tom Daley? Staring at me? Psh right. I wasn’t here to get eye-raped by a rival team player! No. I was here to win myself a goddamn medal. 

"I’m gonna have to agree with Alex here, Jac." Steffi started, "His ass was pretty much carved by God from marble."

We were all pulled away from our thoughts when we heard someone clear their throat, “Thank you?” 

And lo and behold, in front of us was none other than Tom Daley. Oh wow. Now I fully understood why someone would have wet dreams over this guy. We had men in the South African diving team but damn no one came close, Tom is fit. I couldn’t help but let my eyes trail over the contours of his body. His broad shoulders, strong arms and defined abdomen made me feel excruciatingly uncomfortable standing in front of him in my swimsuit. And I loved showing off my body. Hell I’d be naked like 75% of the time if I could. But that was beside the point—after trailing my eyes over the rest of him and I mean the rest of him, I quickly averted my attention to his face.

He had warm pools of dark brown eyes and an arrogant smirk was etched on his face. He had short, cropped hair that would be perfect for running your hand through when he would—“Do you like what you see, love?” He said.

Well that was a total buzzkill. His remark quickly pulled me out of my completely inappropriate fantasy and back into the real world. His smirk was pulled back into a full on impish grin and to be quite honest with all of you it kind of made me hornier than I’d like to admit. Damn, I sounded like a slag.

"No idea what you’re talking about." I denied. Uhg no. Let’s go into the shower room and never leave.

"That was quite rude of me—"

"It was." I cut him off.

With a chuckle, he stepped forward and stretched out a hand in front of him and offered me a handshake, “Tom Daley, it’s a pleasure.”

I gingerly took his hand in mine and tried to ignore how big and warm they were. The edges of his fingers were rough and calloused and I wasn’t going to deny how turned on I was at the moment. Too bad he was a douche. I bit my lower lip and tried to hold back any rude or sexual remarks.

Damn, that was hard.

"Uhm, yeah. Jacqueline Vermaak. The pleasure’s all mine." I winked.

I winked. Oh God, I really was becoming a slag.

I quickly pulled back my hand ran a hand through my hair while Steffi and Alex introduced themselves.

"Big fan." Alex nodded as he clasped his hand in hers. I smiled a bit at her unintentional fangirling. I mean we were standing in front of a god.

Shut up, Jac

He chuckled again as I tried to maintain a straight face, I needed to get out of there and fast. I didn’t want to see my best friends fawning over him.

I cleared my throat just like he did earlier and grabbed the attention of the three of them, Tom looked up with an expectant look on his face, “Yeah, we actually have to go back to the Village.” I said awkwardly.

"Already? But we were just about to have fun." He said. It sounded a lot more suggestive if you catch my wave. Bad diving jokes. God, I need help.

"Yeah, well we can have fun some other time." I said bitterly, grabbing Steffi and Alex’s hands and tugging them away. 

"You don’t want to stick around to watch me dive?" He asked, persistently.

"Nah, that’s what Youtube is for." I smirked, clutching onto my chamois, twisting it to relieve some tension.

"It’s not quite as satisfying as the real thing, though." He laughed as he took my place underneath the showerhead. The water fell and drenched his barely clothed body and I swear it looked like a live porno.

I’ve been shamelessly biting on my lower lip that I feared I’d break the skin. Alex leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Oh my God, Jac. Go get it, girl.”

I broke out into an unintentional grin. Tom caught the glint in my eye and gave my friend and I his most charming smile. I turned to Steffi and Alex and said, “I’ll take him down slowly, I promise.”

“Don’t break his heart too much.” Steffi said as she and Alex scurried off to get dressed.

I laughed and walked over to where Tom stood, running his hands through his wet hair, “I’m sure I can get my satisfaction somewhere else.”

“Nothing better than what I can give, surely.”

“I don’t know about that.” I snorted, rolling my eyes at his arrogance.

He let out a hearty laugh, “We’ll just have to test your hypothesis then, yes?”

“In. Your. Dreams.” I said, giving him my most menacing look.

“In my dreams I’ll be doing a lot more than showing you my Front 4 ½ Somersaults Tucked.”

“Is that a promise?” I smirked.

“You bet it is.”

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